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Staff Compliance

This six-part training series is designed for all staff members to establish protocols and improve relations (staff-client, staff-staff, and staff-management/doctor). The objective of the series is to build staff member value, compliance, and practice support.

Staff Compliance Training Sessions:

1 hour sessions for up to 14 attendees.
Two – 1 hour sessions per month chosen from any of the staff training sessions (Staff Compliance, Receptionists, Assistants, or Technicians series) included in the Staff Training Program package.

1-Client Relations

Building the Relationship, Professionalism 101, Phone Etiquette and Technique, Route
of Response

2-Client Education

Service-Focused Agenda, Educational Method to Marketing to Clients, Patient Follow-Up, Top Client Education Topics

3-Team Work

Front Office / Back Office, The “Gray” Area, Duties and Responsibilities, Protocols, Failure to Follow-Through, Rewards and Consequences, Strengthening the Core

4-Building Individual Value I

The Individual’s Wants and Needs vs. The Clinic’s Wants and Needs, Being an Effective Team Member, Promotion Within the Team

5-Building Individual Value II

Strength in Value, The Dreaded 5 Letter Word…Quota, Personal Failure and the Turn-Around, Incentives

6-The Doctor-Staff Relationship

Hierarchy of Power, Communication, Protocols. Delegation of Duties, Responsibilities, Attitude adjustments and Mutual Respect