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Veterinary Assistant

This training series deals with the key hands-on skills and supporting knowledge required of the veterinary assistant. A skills checklist is included with each training session.

Assistant Training Sessions:

1 hour sessions for up to 14 attendees.
Two – 1 hour sessions per month chosen from any of the staff training sessions (Staff Compliance, Receptionists, Assistants, or Technicians series) included in the Staff Training Program package.

1-Handling and Restraint

Capture and Restraint, Recumbencies, Handling and Restraint for Venipuncture
(Cephalic, Jugular, Saphenous), Radiographic Positioning

2-Laboratory Skills (2-part session)

Laboratory Equipment and Supplies, Fecal Exams, Urinalysis, Skin Scrapings, DTM
Culture, PCV and TP, Total White Count, Blood Smears, ELISA Tests