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Veterinary Receptionist

Animal Health Care for Receptionists & Assistants

Receptionists and assistants can each benefit with training provided in this Animal Health Care Series. The topics covered are meant to enhance comprehension of major animal health concepts and improve client communications.

Animal Health Care Training Sessions:

1 hour sessions for up to 14 attendees.
Two – 1 hour sessions per month chosen from any of the staff training sessions (Staff Compliance, Receptionists, Assistants, or Technicians series) included in the Staff Training Program package.

1-Nutrition (2-part session)

Nutritional Principles, Life Stages, Specific Nutritional Requirements, Diet and Disease

2-Infectious Diseases

Vaccine Protocols, Zoonoses, Transmission and Prevention

3-Parasitic Diseases

Intestinal Parasites, Blood Parasites, External Parasites

4-Systemic Problems and Diseases (2-part session)

Eyes and Ears, Skin, GI and Pancreas, Hepatic, Urogenital, Endocrine, Respiratory, Cardiovascular


Estrous Cycle, Breeding and Gestation, Delivery and C-Section


In-House Lab Tests, Pre-Surgical Blood Profiles, Culture & Sensitivity, Routing Lab


Terminology, Drug Classification, Antimicrobials, Antiinflammatories,
Antiparasitics, Drug Protocols